Diaper Sprayer for Easy Clean Up

$50.00 USD

The Glow Bug Diaper Sprayer comes complete with all attachments needed to quickly and easily attach to your standard 3/8 inch compression water valve (the valve behind toilet). Our Diaper Sprayer comes packaged with a hand sprayer that is protected by Microban®; a flow control t-valve; 4 foot reinforced white NSF Approved PVC hose; built in check valve in sprayer (one way valve); step-by-step picture instructions; and a matching wall bracket including screws & plastic anchors. Each unit takes approximately 5-10 minutes to install and will make cleaning your diapers even easier.

How quick will they ship/where are they shipping from?

  • Diaper Sprayers are shipped from within the US
  • From the time your diaper sprayer is shipped please expect 4-8 business days for delivery

*Please note all prices are in USD.  We are a Canadian company but to simplify currency fluctuations, our prices are listed in USD.

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