Cloth Diapers - Wholesale

$189.00 USD

What do I need?

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers fit from newborn to potty training (7-35lbs) so you won't have to buy any more diapers but you want to have enough available for your baby between washes so we recommend you follow this guideline:

  • Choose any 2 packages for babies 0-12 months
  • Choose 1 package for babies over 12 months of age or to add diapers to an existing stash

Each Botanist, Explorer and Brainiac package includes:

  • 12 one-size diapers
  • 12 microfiber inserts
  • 6 Mr. Clock inserts
  • 1 wet bag

How quick will they ship/where are they shipping from?

  • All diapers and accessories ship from either Canada or the US
  • Quick Ship Guarantee: Orders will be in the mail within 2-5 business days of the date they are placed or a FREE diaper will be included with the order! *IMPORTANT* please note that the Quick Ship Guarantee is not in effect during the Pre-Order of the 2015 Collection (Dec. 16-31) and all orders placed during this time will only start shipping the 1st week of January.  
  • From the time your diapers are shipped please expect around 5 business days for delivery

*Please note all prices are in USD.  We are a Canadian company but to simplify currency fluctuations, our prices are listed in USD.