2017 Cloth Diapers - Co-op

$174.50 USD

Just add to your cart the combination of packages that you need! We will automatically upgrade/add freebies to your order based on the following terms:

We have a brand new system for co-ops for 2017 to make it even easier to fill orders!  Here is the scoop: 

Minimum Order: Any 6 packages

This includes: 1 microfiber and 1 Mr. Clock insert per diaper, 1 free roll of liners and 1 wet bag per package ordered as well as free shipping. You can upgrade to all bamboo inserts for $1 more per diaper ordered OR order 10 or more packages for an automatic free upgrade to bamboo inserts. The packages include the 12 pre-set prints in each of our packages (Wonderland, Dream Job, Countryside) but you can have any package combination you want. 

Also, we will now allow you to "drop" up to 2 prints per package you order, meaning that you need to order only a minimum of 10 prints per package you order instead of 12 at a base price of $14.54 USD per diaper or $18.13 CAD. So, for example, if you order 6 packages, you only need to order a minimum of 60 diapers, and not 72 and you will only have to pay for the exact number of diapers you order (in this example, 60 x $14.54 USD = $872.40 USD or 60 x $18.13 CAD = $1087.80 CAD).

If you are ready to order and want to "drop" some prints, email us with the exact numbers and we will create a special coupon code for the exact amount! Alternatively, you can place the order and then email us with the details, and we will issue a refund for the "dropped" diapers you don't have to pay for!

If your members would like to buy additional Mr. Clock inserts, wipes or rolls of liners, please let us know and we will email you the order links.

    *Please note shipping for all co-op orders placed in January will be sent in the order they have been received and will begin the week of Feb 6th.