Troubleshooting Form

We're here to help!

Before filling out the Troubleshooting Form, here are some things to check and a bit of info that may help on certain topics:


Go to the Fluff Love searchable list and make sure you are using the right amount and your detergent is approved.

If you are using a Free and Clear detergent be sure to always to your main wash on hot and use a water softening agent if your water is not soft.

Water Hardness:

Have you done a test strip?  Do you know your hardness number?  What are you using to soften your water and how much?  We recommend using either 1/4 cup Calgon or 1/2 cup borax in each load to soften the water unless your water is already soft.


Use our handy sizing guide to make sure you have the rise adjustment set to the right setting.

Make sure that the leg elastic is placed in the leg crease where underwear would lay just like in this helpful video.

Saturated Inserts:

What combination of inserts have you tried?  If your inserts are completely saturated you may need extra absorption


You must sanitize your diapers with bleach to kill yeast.  Here are the best instructions on how to do this.


Sun is the best way to remove a stain!  Put your damp, clean diapers out in direct sunlight.  If the diaper dries and the stain is still present, re-wet the diaper and put it back out in the sun.