The Mighty Mr. Clock Inserts! New for 2016!

Mr. Clock is Here to Save the Day!

We are proud to introduce our brand new, amazing Mr. Clock inserts that will be available at no additional cost starting tomorrow (Dec 17th) when our Pre-Sale begins at 12pm EST in each package of Glow Bug Cloth Diapers (12 diapers, 12 regular shaped inserts either in the standard microfiber or upgraded to bamboo, 6 Mr. Clock inserts and 1 wet bag.) The Mighty Mr. Clock inserts are made of 2 layers of bamboo/cotton/polyester blend on the outside and 2 layers of microfiber on the inside. Mr. Clock inserts fit perfectly to the shape of the inside of Glow Bug Cloth Diapers and still agitate out in the wash. The hourglass shape and extra fabric make these new inserts super absorbent and a great night-time and nap-time solution!