Instagram Bingo Giveaway PLUS Bonus Giveaway!

Do you want a chance to WIN 4 Glow Bug Diapers, 4 inserts and a Wet Bag?

Welcome to Glow Bug Bingo!

To play, you only need a few things – a baby or toddler, some Glow Bugs (if you don't own any Glow Bugs you can still enter the bonus giveaway below,) and an Instagram account!  Don’t have a huge stash or access to a fancy camera?  No worries!  This is not about who takes the best picture, who has the most diapers, or who has the cutest baby (because ALL our babies are the cutest baby!).  This is about following Glow Bug on Instagram at glowbugdiapers, being quick to post your photos and having lots of fun with our #dailytheme!  Glow Bug Bingo works just like regular bingo – if you have a bit of luck, you could win with as few as 4 photos!  And our #dailytheme will always be open to interpretation -  with multiple possible prints that will fit (and you can use the same photo or print more than once!)

To play our Instagram Bingo you need a Bingo Card emailed to you so you must fill out this entry form to get your Instagram Bingo Giveaway card here

Plus enter the bonus giveaway below.  Don't forget if you don't have any Glow Bug Cloth Diapers to play our Bingo game you can still enter the bonus giveaway!

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