3-Day Fluff Love Glow Bug Challenge Sign-Up (Sep. 15-17)

Daily Random Challenge Prizes:

Day 1 PRIZE - one winner of one Fluff Love print diaper. 

Day 2 PRIZE - two winners of two Fluff Love print diapers plus one Fluff Love Wet Bag each. 

Day 3 PRIZE - three winners of three Fluff Love print diapers, one Fluff Love print Wet Bag and 3 Lady Bug Cloth Pads each.

GRAND PRIZE: 3 Fluff Love print diapers, 3 Glow Bug Cloth Diapers, 1 Fluff Love Wet Bag and 6 Lady Bug Cloth Pads +  the winner will select a diaper bank of their choice (The Rebecca Foundation, Cloth for a Cause, Giving Diapers Giving Hope or Share the Love) for a matched prize to be donated by Glow Bug Cloth Diapers!