Company Statement, Commitment and Ethics

Glowbug Cloth Diapers Company Statement

We believe in producing the highest quality and most affordable cloth diapers to make it easy for families who want to cloth diaper.

We believe in the rights of our employees to work in a safe environment on safe equipment, to appreciate the work they do by providing good salaries and vacation time, to respect their family time and to make the working atmosphere at Glowbug Cloth Diapers positive and inclusive.  

We believe that without amazing customer service, none of the rest of what we do counts.  When mistakes happen we own up to them.  We communicate with transparency, empathy and integrity. Our customers know that we have their backs because we do what it takes to make them happy.

We believe in contributing to the cloth diaper community to advance the cause of cloth diapering and participating in cloth diaper charities.

We believe in helping to preserve the environment through eliminating packaging in our products, shipping orders direct to clients to reduce carbon footprint, using materials with low toxicity and creating reusable products in a disposable world.