2017 Glow Bug Old Prints Revival



When can I buy Old Prints Revival diapers?

We will not announce the on-sale date or publicly announce the prints until all of the Revival diapers are ready to ship.  We anticipate that this will be early August. 

Where can I see the sneak peek of the prints?

Our magical cloth diaper chat bot unicorn Fluffy started doing daily sneak peeks of all the Revival prints to the Fluffy VIPs via Messenger on July 10th but don't worry, you can still get on the VIP list to see the daily prints here.  Fluffy VIPs will also get to purchase Revival diapers before anyone else!

Can I order any number of diapers of any of the prints?

YES. Diapers are available to be purchased individually.

Are all the prints guaranteed to be available?

We've already made all of the Old Prints this time around so there are limited quantities of each print.  They are sold on a first come first served basis so there are no guarantees.

When will the Old Prints Revival diapers be shipped?

Right away!  We've already made them and they are ready to ship in August!

Do the Revival diapers have the 360 Gusset? 

YES, the old prints will have all the new features we have in our current collection, including the 360 Gusset. 

Will the Revival diapers be identical to the original diapers?

Basically, yes! However, they will all have the current design features (360 Gusset etc.), and may vary oh very slightly in the appearance of the print and snap colors.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, some restrictions may apply. There are no additional discounts or wholesale discounts available for Revival purchases.  Gift cards cannot be used for Revival diapers. Revival purchases do not count towards the Give 10 Get 10 Program. 

Any additional questions?

Email us at info@glowbugclothdiapers.com