A Thank You Note from Amanda P. January 29 2015

I have been cloth diapering for about 7 months. I have several different brands of cloth diapers and materials for absorbent inserts, many of them other 'higher end' diapers. GlowBugs are, by far, my favorite cloth diaper.

I love the GlowBug Bamboo inserts. The way GlowBugs make their inserts with back to back buttons mean that putting two inserts in is easy because they snap into each other.

Perfect fit for "chunky baby"Both of my boys are 'super soakers' and two GlowBugs bamboo inserts mean a diaper that will last me 2 hours where other diapers only lasted 30 minutes (other people watching my sons have pushed my GlowBugs to 4 hours!).

And so trim under the 2.5 year old!They fit both my chunky baby (now 8 months and in 12 month clothes) and my long, skinny 2.5 year old very well. Their pockets with two openings make stuffing them easy. And they are so so cute that they won over my mother-in-law to cloth diapering.

Thank you to GlowBugs for making such a superior product!


Amanda P.