Meet Nicole and her Glow Bug Girl Neysa August 15 2013

“Wanted to let you know too that we are loving our Glowbugs. Before our daughter was born I bought some of just about every brand I researched — Bum Genius, Alva, Kawaii, Bottombumpers, Tots Bots, Rosey Cheeks, Asunta, Comfy Rumps, plus pre-folds and covers — in one size, plus the Glowbugs, not knowing what we’d like.


Our girl was pretty small when she was born, just 5lbs 14oz, but still outwet all of her newborn sized diapers (a whole other list of brands) by about 6 weeks even though she wasn’t 8 pounds yet. Of all the diapers we had, Glowbugs were the only ones that sized down small enough to fit her before 8 pounds and are still the only ones that get small enough to fit her properly (she’s around 9 pounds now), so they’re the only ones we’ve been using.


She’s been under the weather the last couple of days and there have been several explosive sounds coming out of her, but not one gusset breach in either the 360’s or the doubles. And everyone comments on how adorable they are!

You make an outstanding product and your customer service is truly impressive. Well done.


This is a shot of our little Neysa looking beautiful in blue at 7lbs 15oz. Who says girls can’t wear blue? (Even if she does get called a handsome little fellow when she does :))”

~ Nicole Hulbert


August 2013