Meet Amanda and Glow Bug Baby Bennett September 03 2013

“During my pregnancy I had decided I wanted to cloth diaper. I had heard from other people to wait until after your baby was born to pick a type as certain types fit certain babies. I work as a midwife and so I kept an eye on what my clients were using and asked for their feedback. 
I still recall my client who came to her 4 week appointment with her new baby who was wearing the ABC print of GlowBug. It fit him so well and was adorable!
After my son, Bennett, was born we signed up for a local cloth diapering shop loan program where we were able to try out 20 different types of cloth diapers. During those 10 days I felt really overwhelmed and didn’t really love any of the diapers we tried. They were all either too complicated to put together, leaked or were so bulky his sleepers wouldn’t fit over. 


I made the leap and ordered a boy’s package of Glow Bugs. We loved them! My husband had no difficulty using them. They wash easily, dry quickly and are simple to stuff. I love that once I have stuffed them they are just as simple to use as a disposable diaper. They are also the most trim diaper I’ve come across that don’t leak. 
My son recently started sleeping 7 hours and his diaper will last that long (with a doubler).
Our diaper lot was affected by the snap machine not working properly so we had several diapers that lost snaps. I simply filled out a warranty form and Sarah and Neta responded within an hour. The diapers were mailed in, repaired and sent back. This happened to me a few times but Sarah and Neta were so understanding and professional about it that I really didn’t mind. 

I have ordered another 12 Glow Bug diapers and can’t wait for them to arrive!”

~ Amanda Kocheff

Ontario, Canada

September 2013