Meet Annika and her Glow Bug Baby Girl October 10 2013


“Shortly after becoming pregnant in early 2012, my boyfriend Kelly and I nonchalantly mentioned our mutual interest in cloth diapering. Knowing the dangerous chemical and plastic composition of disposables, the environmental impact, and the cost, neither one of us had ever considered using anything but cloth. I began excitedly researching into the world of cloth diapers, and was excited to see how easy it seemed! I watched countless videos, read articles, and browsed around on everything “cloth diaper” related. 
Without even considering other brands, we ordered two 12 packs, Girls Prints (older style) and gender neutral. Our experience with ordering went smoothly, and found that customer service was quite excellent. It was very personalized.

Our experience using the diapers has been fabulous, and I strongly advocate cloth diapering to my friends! Our daughter is now nearly 11 months old and has been in Glowbugs since birth.

We had her diapers buttoned to the smallest setting, and never experienced any leaks. The diaper has adjusted and grown with her, and I can count on one hand the number of “poo leaks” we have had. Because of the terrific double gusset leg system, any leaks are just that, leaks and not the dreaded “poo explosion” I had been warned about.

As long as the diapers are changed every two hours or so, we do not experience wet leaks. However, if our daughter has a particularly “wet” morning, for instance, we have had wet leaks. We have double stuffed our diapers with two inserts and not experienced any leaks, however.

We have also never experienced diaper rash, as the material on the Glowbugs is extremely soft, and very comfortable. Almost 11 months into use, and our 24 diapers are in great shape. Some have minor wear along the outside butt where baby scoots around, but other than that they are practically brand new!

The diapers wash extremely well, and we use Rockin Green detergent. One cold rinse, and one hot/cold rinse with detergent, then a toss into the dryer or out on the line to dry and you are done! It’s so simple!

We love our Glowbugs, and love the Glowbug design! I have nothing but praise for these diapers and the company!”


~ Annika Barnes

New Brunswick, Canada