Meet Kayla and her Glow Bug Baby Boy October 17 2013

“When I first found out I was pregnant I decided to look into cloth diapers. I found a LOT of information online, but I wanted to ask someone who actually used them, which was hard to find. When I was roughly 6 months along I still hadn’t found someone, and the local stores that sold cloth diapers weren’t very helpful, so I decided to take a chance and buy one 12 pack first. I ended up choosing glowbug because its one size fits all vs 1-3 different sizes, the inserts snap in and even though I had never used them to me that made so much more sense then just hoping it’d stay in place, and compared to other “starter” packs glowbug was all around cheaper. 

Once I got them and had them all washed up a few weeks later I had my little guy, he was born 8 weeks early and came home weighing 4lbs 13 ounces. Every diaper we tried that was preemie size was giving him rashes, so for the fun of it I tried the cloth diaper on him and it fit really well, made him all bulky but it still fit and his rash went away in 2 days and has not come back since. 

Now that I use them all the time I don’t regret my decision at all, they are so easy to use and no blow-outs. The odd time we have to use disposable I always end up regretting it because of the mess. 
Washing is quite simple, we came to a routine that works well, once we change the diaper we unsnap the liner and when its ready to wash we just throw everything into the washer and do our rinse with warm water and wash with hot water. When I’m unable to hang dry just throw them in the dryer. Since that first pack I have bought another and will definitely buy one more pack when baby #2 is born.”

~ Kayla Mowbray

New Brunswick, Canada

October 2013