Meet Jennifer K. and her Glow Bug Girl November 03 2013


“I was nervous at the thought of cloth diapering. I knew I wanted to but the little I looked into it overwhelmed me. I didn’t know what company to try and the price tags on some of the well known brands scared me (when I had a million other things to buy with a new baby). Plus the fact many came in different sizes that I would need to replace.


I came across glow bugs online by accident. And since they were super cute I read everything i could possibly dig up online about them. I couldn’t find a bad thing. So I took a $300 plunge. They arrived and my excitement for my new baby and cloth diapering heightened.


I started to use them when she was 8 weeks old. When we felt we had a grasp on the newborn world and could take on the cloth world too. Lol. We didn’t regret anything. It was a change from our short bout with disposables. But a welcomed change. It was healthier for her. And it helps save her world. 


So here we are almost two years later. Our diapers are in prefect condition. We have never had to deal with diaper rash. And our toddlers favourite chores is picking out a pretty diaper to wear or folding diapers with mom!!
So I bought more. And I continue to buy more. Drawers are filled for her and new future siblings. That’s how much I love them.


She’s been under the weather the last couple of days and there have been several explosive sounds coming out of her, but not one gusset breach in either the 360’s or the doubles. And everyone comments on how adorable they are!”

~ Xox a very happy Glow Bug Mom Jenn K.

Ontario, Canada

November 2013