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A Thank You Note from Chris G. June 28 2016

"Thanks for making such awesome diapers that I was able to use hand-me-downs for months before replacing them with some new ones (some are still hanging in there). Because I love your diapers more than anything I've tried. And because they are reasonably priced and high quality. And because I want what is best for my kid and the environment and to me, that is GlowBug."
Chris G.

A Thank You Note from Leslie N. April 08 2016

Thank you so much for the help and support you offered over my 2 years of cloth diapering. I am so glad we made this choice and that I found your amazing diapers. It was worth the extra effort at times to know I was doing something healthy for our daughter, the environment and our wallets!

A Thank You Note from Josiane W. March 09 2016

You have been amazing to me. I feel so blessed to have you as a diaper company to stand by. Best customer service experience I think I've ever had. Ever.

Here is my little guy with his new and repaired diapers :)

Thank you!!!!

Josiane and little MrZ

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A Thank you Note From Amanda B. April 22 2015

Thank you so much for your quick reply and customer service, I really appreciate it!...Thank you!
Glow Bug has been the best cloth diaper of many brands that I have tried thus far! They make up about 2/3 of my stash, but are basically all I use!
Thanks again for your help, and have a great rest of the week!
- Amanda B.

A Thank You Note from Michelle B. April 14 2015

I received the diapers and liners in the mail. They have been washed and I've used quite a few of them . Thank you so much! The patterns are great but even more than that, they are working amazing! I haven't used one disposable since I started using them (used to use disposable for outings). We are very very happy. Thank you!

Michelle B.

A thank you note from Marcy H.! April 06 2015

I nearly stopped CD'ing because trying to find something that fit my chunky (now) 1-yr-old when he was about 4-6 months old and also had extra room to stuff extra soaking inserts (because of course he'd be a super heavy wetter too) seemed impossible. I feel like I hit the jackpot when I found GlowBugs, because I don't have to maintain 2 different CD stashes - just one, big, adorable stash for my little ones.
Thank YOU for creating Glow Bugs! 
- Marcy H.

A Thank You Note from Amanda P. January 29 2015

I have been cloth diapering for about 7 months. I have several different brands of cloth diapers and materials for absorbent inserts, many of them other 'higher end' diapers. GlowBugs are, by far, my favorite cloth diaper.

I love the GlowBug Bamboo inserts. The way GlowBugs make their inserts with back to back buttons mean that putting two inserts in is easy because they snap into each other.

Perfect fit for "chunky baby"Both of my boys are 'super soakers' and two GlowBugs bamboo inserts mean a diaper that will last me 2 hours where other diapers only lasted 30 minutes (other people watching my sons have pushed my GlowBugs to 4 hours!).

And so trim under the 2.5 year old!They fit both my chunky baby (now 8 months and in 12 month clothes) and my long, skinny 2.5 year old very well. Their pockets with two openings make stuffing them easy. And they are so so cute that they won over my mother-in-law to cloth diapering.

Thank you to GlowBugs for making such a superior product!


Amanda P.

A Thank You Note from Lee-Ann S. December 29 2014

I have been using your diapers and others for a while now and I have to say that I really like your diapers. I have compared them to many other much more expensive brands and yours are my favourite...your customer service has been exceptional and this is why i recommend your diapers to many people. Even my husband ... now states Glow Bugs are his favourite, and he hates cloth diapers, so this is a big compliment :) so thank you very much for making such a great product and you are doing a great job.

A Thank You Note from Candice B December 19 2014

Thank you so much! You've been so great to us. It really helps make
starting our journey into cloth diapering that much more of a positive
thing for us. We really appreciate it.
I've just started with your earth fest package, but I can tell you I
am really impressed so far. I can't wait to receive the road trip
package, to be able to complete our stash, and cloth diaper full time!
We hope 2015 is a great year for Glow Bug and for everyone who makes
Glow Bug happen. :)

Laura B and her Christmas baby December 17 2014

I love your diapers they are one of my favorite cloth diapers for her. I used them at 5 days old once her umbilical cord fell off I know one of the things that I was looking for when I was pregnant was cute cloth diapers that would fit her from the beginning till the end of potty training. Also these have been so easy to clean and use. That means so much since this is the first baby I ever used cloth diapers on.
Thank you Neta and Sara for your amazing diapers and most awesome customer service. :-)

Meet Jennifer K. and her Glow Bug Girl November 03 2013


“I was nervous at the thought of cloth diapering. I knew I wanted to but the little I looked into it overwhelmed me. I didn’t know what company to try and the price tags on some of the well known brands scared me (when I had a million other things to buy with a new baby). Plus the fact many came in different sizes that I would need to replace.


I came across glow bugs online by accident. And since they were super cute I read everything i could possibly dig up online about them. I couldn’t find a bad thing. So I took a $300 plunge. They arrived and my excitement for my new baby and cloth diapering heightened.


I started to use them when she was 8 weeks old. When we felt we had a grasp on the newborn world and could take on the cloth world too. Lol. We didn’t regret anything. It was a change from our short bout with disposables. But a welcomed change. It was healthier for her. And it helps save her world. 


So here we are almost two years later. Our diapers are in prefect condition. We have never had to deal with diaper rash. And our toddlers favourite chores is picking out a pretty diaper to wear or folding diapers with mom!!
So I bought more. And I continue to buy more. Drawers are filled for her and new future siblings. That’s how much I love them.


She’s been under the weather the last couple of days and there have been several explosive sounds coming out of her, but not one gusset breach in either the 360’s or the doubles. And everyone comments on how adorable they are!”

~ Xox a very happy Glow Bug Mom Jenn K.

Ontario, Canada

November 2013

Meet Kayla and her Glow Bug Baby Boy October 17 2013

“When I first found out I was pregnant I decided to look into cloth diapers. I found a LOT of information online, but I wanted to ask someone who actually used them, which was hard to find. When I was roughly 6 months along I still hadn’t found someone, and the local stores that sold cloth diapers weren’t very helpful, so I decided to take a chance and buy one 12 pack first. I ended up choosing glowbug because its one size fits all vs 1-3 different sizes, the inserts snap in and even though I had never used them to me that made so much more sense then just hoping it’d stay in place, and compared to other “starter” packs glowbug was all around cheaper. 

Once I got them and had them all washed up a few weeks later I had my little guy, he was born 8 weeks early and came home weighing 4lbs 13 ounces. Every diaper we tried that was preemie size was giving him rashes, so for the fun of it I tried the cloth diaper on him and it fit really well, made him all bulky but it still fit and his rash went away in 2 days and has not come back since. 

Now that I use them all the time I don’t regret my decision at all, they are so easy to use and no blow-outs. The odd time we have to use disposable I always end up regretting it because of the mess. 
Washing is quite simple, we came to a routine that works well, once we change the diaper we unsnap the liner and when its ready to wash we just throw everything into the washer and do our rinse with warm water and wash with hot water. When I’m unable to hang dry just throw them in the dryer. Since that first pack I have bought another and will definitely buy one more pack when baby #2 is born.”

~ Kayla Mowbray

New Brunswick, Canada

October 2013

Meet Annika and her Glow Bug Baby Girl October 10 2013


“Shortly after becoming pregnant in early 2012, my boyfriend Kelly and I nonchalantly mentioned our mutual interest in cloth diapering. Knowing the dangerous chemical and plastic composition of disposables, the environmental impact, and the cost, neither one of us had ever considered using anything but cloth. I began excitedly researching into the world of cloth diapers, and was excited to see how easy it seemed! I watched countless videos, read articles, and browsed around on everything “cloth diaper” related. 
Without even considering other brands, we ordered two 12 packs, Girls Prints (older style) and gender neutral. Our experience with ordering went smoothly, and found that customer service was quite excellent. It was very personalized.

Our experience using the diapers has been fabulous, and I strongly advocate cloth diapering to my friends! Our daughter is now nearly 11 months old and has been in Glowbugs since birth.

We had her diapers buttoned to the smallest setting, and never experienced any leaks. The diaper has adjusted and grown with her, and I can count on one hand the number of “poo leaks” we have had. Because of the terrific double gusset leg system, any leaks are just that, leaks and not the dreaded “poo explosion” I had been warned about.

As long as the diapers are changed every two hours or so, we do not experience wet leaks. However, if our daughter has a particularly “wet” morning, for instance, we have had wet leaks. We have double stuffed our diapers with two inserts and not experienced any leaks, however.

We have also never experienced diaper rash, as the material on the Glowbugs is extremely soft, and very comfortable. Almost 11 months into use, and our 24 diapers are in great shape. Some have minor wear along the outside butt where baby scoots around, but other than that they are practically brand new!

The diapers wash extremely well, and we use Rockin Green detergent. One cold rinse, and one hot/cold rinse with detergent, then a toss into the dryer or out on the line to dry and you are done! It’s so simple!

We love our Glowbugs, and love the Glowbug design! I have nothing but praise for these diapers and the company!”


~ Annika Barnes

New Brunswick, Canada

Meet Amanda and Glow Bug Baby Bennett September 03 2013

“During my pregnancy I had decided I wanted to cloth diaper. I had heard from other people to wait until after your baby was born to pick a type as certain types fit certain babies. I work as a midwife and so I kept an eye on what my clients were using and asked for their feedback. 
I still recall my client who came to her 4 week appointment with her new baby who was wearing the ABC print of GlowBug. It fit him so well and was adorable!
After my son, Bennett, was born we signed up for a local cloth diapering shop loan program where we were able to try out 20 different types of cloth diapers. During those 10 days I felt really overwhelmed and didn’t really love any of the diapers we tried. They were all either too complicated to put together, leaked or were so bulky his sleepers wouldn’t fit over. 


I made the leap and ordered a boy’s package of Glow Bugs. We loved them! My husband had no difficulty using them. They wash easily, dry quickly and are simple to stuff. I love that once I have stuffed them they are just as simple to use as a disposable diaper. They are also the most trim diaper I’ve come across that don’t leak. 
My son recently started sleeping 7 hours and his diaper will last that long (with a doubler).
Our diaper lot was affected by the snap machine not working properly so we had several diapers that lost snaps. I simply filled out a warranty form and Sarah and Neta responded within an hour. The diapers were mailed in, repaired and sent back. This happened to me a few times but Sarah and Neta were so understanding and professional about it that I really didn’t mind. 

I have ordered another 12 Glow Bug diapers and can’t wait for them to arrive!”

~ Amanda Kocheff

Ontario, Canada

September 2013

Meet Nicole and her Glow Bug Girl Neysa August 15 2013

“Wanted to let you know too that we are loving our Glowbugs. Before our daughter was born I bought some of just about every brand I researched — Bum Genius, Alva, Kawaii, Bottombumpers, Tots Bots, Rosey Cheeks, Asunta, Comfy Rumps, plus pre-folds and covers — in one size, plus the Glowbugs, not knowing what we’d like.


Our girl was pretty small when she was born, just 5lbs 14oz, but still outwet all of her newborn sized diapers (a whole other list of brands) by about 6 weeks even though she wasn’t 8 pounds yet. Of all the diapers we had, Glowbugs were the only ones that sized down small enough to fit her before 8 pounds and are still the only ones that get small enough to fit her properly (she’s around 9 pounds now), so they’re the only ones we’ve been using.


She’s been under the weather the last couple of days and there have been several explosive sounds coming out of her, but not one gusset breach in either the 360’s or the doubles. And everyone comments on how adorable they are!

You make an outstanding product and your customer service is truly impressive. Well done.


This is a shot of our little Neysa looking beautiful in blue at 7lbs 15oz. Who says girls can’t wear blue? (Even if she does get called a handsome little fellow when she does :))”

~ Nicole Hulbert


August 2013