Glow Bug Prints By the Numbers December 08 2016

With the introduction of the 2017 prints, we'll be up to 255 Prints and 7 Solid Colours produced in the last 6 years!!!! For the 219 prints made between 2011-2016 here are some fun facts!  We'll add to the numbers once all the 2017 prints have been announced!

Packages: 16

Spectrum, Glow Bug Girl 2011, Glow Bug Boy 2011, Glow Bug Girl 2012, Glow Bug Boy 2012, Glow Bug Uni, Glow Bug White, Earth Fest, Picnic Party, Road Trip, Botanist, Brainiac, Explorer, Vista, Utopia and Whimsy.

Limited Edition Diapers: 7

Glow Bug Black, Citrus, Red Ugly Sweater, I Love Dad, White Ugly Sweater, Fluff Love and Snowman Ugly Sweater.

Special Revival Prints: 4

Mel, Rainbow, Treasure Island and I Love Mom

Prints with animals or animal print: 28

Cow, Kitten, Monkey Business, Puppy Paws, Vancouver, Monkeyville, Foxtrot, Parliament, Tweethearts, Twitterpated, Aviary, Sunny Safari. Treasure Island, Happy Camper, Into the Woods, Story Teller, Enchanted, Odette, Tiger Lily, Free Spirit, Painted Turtle, Hoot, Gobble, Hop, Crabby Pants and Mommy Duck

Prints with abstract designs: 20

Water/beach themed prints: 18

Flower themed prints: 18

Prints with bugs: 11

Prints with food: 8

Music themed prints: 7

Christmas prints: 6

Prints with rainbows: 6

Plaid prints: 5

Space prints: 4

Skull prints (the coolest print ever!): 1