Our Revolutionary 360° Gusset is Officially Patent Pending! May 14 2014

In 2013 we decided to make a huge change in the design of our diaper. We were not satisfied with the current design of the inner gussets of our diapers and wanted to take them to the next level. After testing different options for months, we perfected the sewing technique that would allow us to have a continuous oval shaped gusset inside our diapers. Neta is quite brilliant with sewing and spent many hours making prototypes perfecting the size of the oval and then tension of the elastic. Finally, in April 2013, we were able to unveil the Revolutionary 360° Gusset Diaper.

With so much time put into development, we knew that we would apply for a patent for the 360° Gusset. It took many months to get our application together. Finally, almost 1 year to the day of the release of the 360° Gusset we filed our patent application with great pride and relief. We knew that it would take about 1 month to hear back from the patent office with an official application receipt letter. When it came in the mail a few days ago, we couldn’t be happier that we can officially call our design patent pending!  We feel great pride in the fact that we can contribute innovation and advancement in our industry.  It is our vision that we can continue to evolve the design of our diapers in the coming years to and to introduce new products and designs to make cloth diapering even easier.  Stay tuned!

patent pending with diaper copy