What’s in a name? How do we choose the print names?

After days of shifting through over 10,000 name suggestions in our most recent Name It to Win It Contest, we’ve  announced the chosen names of the new Earth prints!  Yay!  Our fans suggested up to 1,300 names per print when we posted each one on our Facebook page. Once all the prints were posted, Sarah had the task of choosing one suggestion for each print. “Our fans are so creative. It was very hard to choose.” said Sarah who spent over 6 hours reviewing the entries and choosing the winners. The person who made the winning suggestion first, won the specific print. Asking for help in choosing the names of the prints is a great way for us to interact with our fans.  We have had an amazing time with the naming contests for our last three packages.  With an average of 1000 suggestions from fans per print, the task was not easy.  Ultimately, it came down to a few factors on how we were able to settle on one name per print:

  • No names with poop or butt references.  We feel like so many other cloth diaper brands have already covered the territory
  • We love music/art references! (Georgia O’Keefe, Fox Trot, Over the Rainbow, Starry Night)
  • We love science references!  (Parliament, Damselfly)
  • The simpler the better.  That was a tough one because some of the longer names were really creative.
  • It must tie to the theme of the package in some way.  Picnic Party had a lot of food names like Sundae, Cafe-au-lait, Aubergine and Confetti Cake where as the Road Trip package was full of car related names such as Barracuda, Greased Lightening and Route 66.
  • It helps if it was a popular name with a lot of likes (makes sense if it is an awesome name.)
  • It also helps if there is a personal meaning (Neta means Seedling in Hebrew, Sarah’s Dad is named Tom – Major Tom)