Cloth diaper loving  Dads are Dads who are really concerned about chemical exposure to their kids and want to make their families more sustainable. They are Dads who care about the environment and want to save their family some money.

Believe it or not, Dads are frequently the ones making the purchase of diapers off of our website.  We find that Dads are are actively involved in the decision to cloth diaper and have just as many questions about cloth diapers as their partners.  Cloth diaper loving Dads are invested in the process so the work is never a big deal compared to the benefits that their baby and family receive.

We’ve noticed time and again at the Great Cloth Diaper Change, at Baby Shows and Cloth Diaper Workshops that Dads are taking an active roll in the decision to cloth diaper and we couldn’t be happier!

To all the Dads (Moms and caregivers) who are committed to the well being of their families and love to use cloth diapers on their babies, we salute you!  Keep up the great work!