Conventional vs. Residue-Free Detergent for Washing Cloth Diapers

In the spirit of #ClothCommunity Day, we polled our Glow Bug and Friends group to find out a bit more about the diversity of washing routines among the people who use our diapers.  We understand that one size washing routine does not and cannot fit all.  As a company, we have always erred on the side of caution and recommended "residue-free" detergent because these detergents have the least number of chemical additives.  This does not mean that "residue-free" detergents do not have strong ingredients.  These detergents often have all the primary ingredients that conventional brands have just without the chemical additives and fragrances.  What it comes down to is what works best for you and what you feel comfortable with.  If you start off with "residue-free" detergent and you find that you cannot get it to work for you, try switching to a different brand with different ingredients.  It may be the case that you need the enzymes in a conventional brand to get your diapers clean.  If you start off using "conventional" detergent and you find that something is not right, try switching to a different brand with a different set of ingredients.  You may find that your baby's skin is reacting to the fragrance in the detergent and you will have more success with an unscented brand.  There is no "perfect" detergent that will work for everyone.  As our post showed, there are many different routines and detergents that work well for people.  As a company, we support what works and keeps your diapers leak and stink free without causing irritation to your baby's skin or damaging your diapers.  If you need troubleshooting help because of leak or stink issues, please fill out our Troubleshooting Form here.