Why do we sell our diapers in packages? April 30 2014

One of the number one questions we get via email and on our Facebook page is why do we only sell in packages.  To answer that question, let me explain the core philosophy of our company.  We believe that the easiest way to get lots of people to start using cloth diapers is to get everything they need all together in an easy to use system, that looks fashionable at a reasonable price.  Let me explain how each one of these things leads us to sell in packages the way we do.

Getting everything together makes it simple.

All you need is the baby and you can start using cloth diapers with one of our packages.  This makes the whole experience as simple as possible.  We offer everything you need to start using cloth diapers right away.

A good design makes our diapers easy to use.

We know how overwhelming the cloth diaper universe can be.  With all the options, choices and decisions available, we have boiled it all down to what we believe is the best system on the market that works for the most number of people.  Glow Bug Cloth Diapers are easy to use like All-in-ones, clean and dry quickly like pocket diapers and are affordable like inners and covers.  One great system in one package.

A variety of awesome prints.

We know that almost no one will use cloth diapers if they don’t look cute.  Other companies cannot produce the number of prints that we make because they sell them individually.  By making the same number of each prints, our printing and production is much more streamlined and efficient.  Because we sell in packages, we can offer a variety of 12 awesome prints in each package and have a total of 36 prints in our current collection.

Cheaper price for buying as a set.

The more you buy, the more you save.  This is true almost everywhere.  We designed our packages to be sold in sets of 12 diapers because we know that to start using cloth diapers, you are going to need at least 12.  When we manufacture the diapers to be sold as a set we save money on the cost of production, shipping and packaging and so we are able to pass the savings on to the consumer and therefore are able offer our diapers at a cheaper price.

That being said, we know that there are many people who already have all the diapers they need but just want to pick up a few in their favorite prints.  Therefore, we do have a fantastic group on Facebook called Glow Bug and Friends where we sell our diapers individually once a month.  The sale is limited to a certain number of packages, so the diapers go quick!  You can request to join here.