9 Cloth Diaper Hacks You Never Heard from Your Granny April 09 2014


Almost everyone used cloth diapers 40 years ago!  Go ask your Grandma, Mom, Great Aunt or sweet old neighbor about how they used to manage cloth diapers back in the day.  The industry has come a long way with cool inventions that Grandma never had but some of the old advice is still the best.  Enjoy!


1. Diaper Sprayers are the best thing to happen to cloth diapers since the invention of the washing machine.  This amazing little invention attaches to the plumbing behind your toilet and has a little hose and sprayer on the end. No need to dunk your poopy diapers in the toilet like they used to, just hold them over the bowl and spray!

2. Don’t want to invest in a diaper sprayer? Flushable liners are another thing your grandma wishes she had when she had kids in diapers. Simply tear off sheets these toilet paper like rolls and put one in every clean diaper. If the baby poops in it, the poop will come off with the liner when you dump it in the toilet.  So easy!

3. Even if you don’t want to buy rolls of liners, poop removal can be easy without getting your hands in the toilet the way that your grandma used to. Get a spatula from the dollar store and write “POOP” on it with a Sharpie. Keep it in the bathroom away from little ones hands to scrape the poop off diapers. The easiest way to do this is to hold the diaper on the edge so that the poopy part of the diaper is under the surface of the water and then to scrape the diaper with your “poop spatula.”

4. Cloth diapers are so much easier when you also use cloth wipes. Your Grandma probably used a version of these back in the day.  You should ask her!  Probably what she will tell you is all you need is a few old baby wash cloths or a few old receiving blankets cut up into squares. Use a little bit of warm water and voila! Free wipes that can be washed with your diapers.

5. Wet bags and pail liners may seem pretty common in the cloth diaper world but that doesn't mean they are no less brilliant.  Your Granny would have loved these! They are waterproof bags that contain your dirty diapers until you are ready to wash. Then, when you go to wash your diapers, invert your bags and wash them too!

6. You can’t use dryer sheets with cloth diapers because they will leave a residue on the fabric that can cause leaks. If you want to machine dry your diapers, the best alternative is to use dryer balls to soften them and reduce drying time. Here is a great article on how to make your own with wool: http://www.diynatural.com/how-to-make-wool-dryer-balls/

7. If you prefer to hang dry your diapers like your Granny did back in the day but don’t have a clothes line, don’t fret! As long as your diapers have snaps on them like Glow Bugs do, you can snap them to each other to create a long chain of diapers that needs no clothes line!

8. If you have stained diapers the best and cheapest way to brighten them is to get them in direct sunlight with a bit of lemon juice.  Almost all Grandmas dried their diapers on the line so this was a natural benefit at that time.  Drying your diapers in the sun will not only keep your diapers stain free but will sanitize them to kill any bacteria.

9. If you want to forget the pants and show off your baby’s cute cloth bum but still keep your baby warm, check out some baby leg warmers. Your Grandma will love how cute they look with your cloth diapers! There are lots of different colours and styles available that you can match to your cute cloth prints.