How to Fit Cloth Diapers on Your Baby

Getting your child’s diapers to fit properly can go a long way in ensuring their comfort, avoiding leaks and ensuring trimness under their clothing. Adjusting one-size cloth diapers is one thing but getting a good fit on your baby is something different all together. Here is a handy sizing chart and a few tips on getting the best fit.

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers Sizing Chart

The rise snaps can be found on the front of the diaper through the crotch in 4 rows.  All of your diapers need to be adjusted before using the diapers on your baby.  This is a general guide to go on but every baby is different.  If you notice the front of the diaper is gaping and pulling down along the top, you may want to adjust the snaps to the next size.

  • Small Rise Adjustment (top row snapped to the bottom row) 7lbs-10lbs
  • Medium Rise Adjustment (top row snapped to the third row down) 10lbs-18lbs
  • Large Rise Adjustment (top row snapped to the second row) 18lbs-25lbs
  • Extra-large Rise Adjustment (not snapped) 25lbs+

 Sizing Tips

  • The main thing is to make sure that the diaper fits comfortably on the baby without gaps around the legs or around the belly
  • When placing the diaper on your baby, make sure that there is plenty of fabric in the front
  • With more fabric in the front of the diaper, the elastic will sit better around the baby’s legs and there is more absorbent material where it needs to be to do its job
  • Make sure the diaper is not too tight on your baby.  Some red marks are normal for cloth diapers but angry red or broken down skin is not normal.  See your doctor and email is at if skin breakdown should occur
  • When applying the diaper, use your hand to smooth down the tab making sure the white inner flap is tucked into the diaper
  • The diaper fits properly when it lays flat against the baby’s tummy and does not gap around the legs.

When in doubt, you can always send a picture of the diaper on your baby to so we can help make sure everything is kosher.