What does it Mean? Know the Lingo! November 20 2013

Cover:  The outside waterproof part of a diaper system

Insert:  The removable absorbent part of a diaper.  Can be made of microfiber, bamboo viscose or hemp etc.

Gusset:  The elastic that runs along the leg of the diaper to fit to the baby’s body

Rise snaps:  The size adjustment often found in one-sized diapers

Microfiber:  Absorbent polyester material commonly used in inserts

Suedecloth:  Permeable stay-dry material commonly used inside diapers

Co-op:  A group that comes together to buy products in bulk generally found on Facebook

Fluff:  Cloth diaper

Strip:  A method to remove mineral residue from cloth diapers through soaking

Urea:  The part of urine that turns to ammonia

Diaper Sprayer:  A device that attaches to the plumbing in a toilet that has a hose and a spray nozzle to clean cloth diapers into the toilet before putting them into the diaper pail

Pail liner:  A waterproof sac that lines a diaper pail that one would wash along with cloth diapers

Pre-fold:  A multi-layer basic cotton diaper

Fitted:  A diaper that does not adjust to different sizes

One-size:  A diaper that adjust from new-born to potty training

All-in-one:  A diaper that where the waterproof part and the absorbent part are sewn together in one piece that does not come apart.

Non-residue soap:  The recommended soap for washing cloth diapers.  This kind of soap will not cause build-up to form on diapers

Hip snaps:  Extra snaps located at the sides of the waist that prevent the diaper from drooping down the leg

Residue:  This is caused either from minerals in the wash water, using too much soap, not enough water or diaper cream or other things that can coat the fibers of diapers such as fabric softener.  Residue leads to repelling as well as skin irritation.

Repelling:  This is when diaper are coated with residue that will not allow liquid to go through the cloth lining or into the absorbent material so it leaks out to the front of the diaper.