10 Great Reasons to Cloth Diaper

They're Cheap

Our diapers are half the price of the leading pocket diaper with snaps. And you can just forget disposables! You’ll save a couple thousand dollars by using cloth diapers. If you use your diapers on more than one child you can save double. Just think of how you can spend that extra dough you’ve saved?!?

They're Green

​Disposable diapers will take hundreds of year to break down in the dump. The toxic chemicals and human waste in disposable diapers can leach into ground water. Each baby in disposable diapers will produce 1 tonne’s worth of garbage per year!

They're Cute

What’s cuter than the round rump of a cloth diaper baby? They look just like a little Bug!​

They're Convenient

​You never have to run out in the night to get a pack. Just wash them up when you need them.​

They're Trendy

Come on! Everybody’s doing it in Hollywood. Cloth diapering has become a very stylish thing. With so many hot prints in your stash, you can release your baby’s inner fashionista!​

They're Old-School

​Your parents used them and their parents used them. Except now, you can skip the pins and rubber pants.​

They're Comfy

​Now be honest, wouldn't you love underwear made out of our super-soft cloth? A lot better than paper disposables, that’s for sure.​

They're Virtually Leak-Proof

No more poo-splosions!

They're Not Smelly

​When they’re washed every other or every third day, like we recommend you’ll never have a stinky diaper pail, let alone a stinky garage in the summer time with hot, rotting disposables in your garbage can.​

They're Easy

​Like we said, no pins or rubber pants. They go on and off just like disposables!​